Registering New Domain Names

Just like most other domain name extensions (such as .UK), .GG and .JE names may be registered using the services of many different companies ('registrars'). As well as registering your .GG and JE domain names, registrars very often offer extra, add-on, services such as website hosting, email, consultancy and brand protection in a wide variety of different pricing and business models. We publish a full list of Accredited Registrars here.

To secure your name you should either complete our Application Form, or use a registrar. Please note: We do not provide DNS hosting or any other additional services for domain names that are registered direct, so unless you have your own name servers, or a hosting package that includes DNS hosting, please consider using a registrar.

If you want to register directly with us, you should click 'Next' bellow. But please ensure that you read our Terms and Conditions (which apply to all registrations, including those made by registrars) and consult our Price List first.

(Please note that when you register directly, domains do not come with any add-on services such as web hosting, email forwarding/MX records or zonefile management.)

The cost of direct registrations is GBP 49.00 for second-level domains and GBP 29.00 for third-level domains under and We no longer charge the one off setup fee for new applications.

Registration is always subject to our Terms and Conditions.