Domain names may be registered directly with us, or via an Accredited Registrar. A registrar is a third party registration agent with direct access to our registry interface. Not all registration agents are accredited registrars – some of them may be resellers of other registrars.

Please note that registration services, nameserver provisions, web-hosting and email handling are all different things, and you may either (a) register a domain with one company and use one or more other suppliers for those other services, or (b) use a single company for all

If you need to find out your registrar is, check the WHOIS. You can do this either by using the query box at the top of the page, or withyour favourite WHOIS client.

If it says "Direct (Legacy)" or "Direct (Self-Management)" for the registrar then the domain name is registered directly with us.(Otherwise it will show the name of the registrar and a URL for more information about the registrar).

Transferring from CHANNELISLES.NET to another Accredited Registrar.

If you want to transfer your domain from CHANNELISLES.NET (Island Networks Registrar Ltd) to one of our Accredited Registrars we are more than happy to assist. You can do this in one of two ways.

Either obtain a transfer code from our self-management system and give this to your registrar. The transfer will happen automatically.

Alternatively, if your domain is managed using Legacy,you can either ask our Support Desk to send a transfer authorisation code to an authorised contact by email, or complete a contact modification form on which you nominate your new registrar as billing contact.

Transfers from one registrar to another.

If your domain name is currently registered through an Accredited Registrar and you want to transfer to another accredited registrar (other than us) you must follow the procedures specified by those companies.

Under the Registrar Agreement, all Accredited Registrars have an obligation to assist Registrants in their choice of registrar.

If you experience any difficulty at all in transferring your domain name, you should address your complaints to the company concerned in the first instance. If, despite having done this, you find you are unable to change your Registrar within a reasonable time, you may request us to make the transfer anyway. There is a charge of £10 for this service, We will expect you to have exhausted your avenues of complaint with the registrar(s) concerned first.

Transferring from another registrar back to CHANNELISLES.NET

If you want to transfer a domain name from a registrar so that it is registered directly with CHANNELISLES.NET you may do so, but you must first obtain a transfer code as above, and set up an account on the self-management system, if you do not already have one. (NB: The old Legacy system no longer accepts new domain name registrations or transfers). Please make sure before considering a transfer-in to CHANNELSLES.NET that you fully understand how services such as email, webhosting and DNS will continue to work, since we do not provide these 'add-on' services for directly registered domains.

It is also possible (in exceptional circumstances) to transfer a domain from a registrar to direct registration without first obtaining a transfer code, such as when an existing registrar has stopped trading and there is no successor. If you wish to transfer a domain to CHANNELISLES.NET and you are unable to obtain a transfer code, please contact our Support Desk for further advice and guidance.