Our self-management system

Using our self-management system you can keep your directly-registered domain name up-to-date and make all necessary changes such as making changes to contact information (including changing the registrant to another person or company), or changing the technical "nameserver" data (such as when changing ISP or hosting company).

To use self-management, you will first need to set up an account on MY.CHANNELISLES.NET. You must then move the relevant domains that you wish to manage into your account.

This may be done completely automaticallly (more information below), But you have to have the consent of the Registrant (if that is not you). We use electronic verification to confirm this.

If you are the Registrant, or you an Authorised Contact you may set up your domains on the management system immediately. Otherwise electronic confirmation is required from the registrant.

To proceed with automated setup, continue on to the next screen. There you will be asked for your name (this is free format so put your own name here) and an email address, which must be the address of an authorised contact for one or more domain names.

We use the email address you enter here to send out automatically detailed personalised information about transferring the domain names which have registered to it, as well as further instructions.