Contacting Registrants of .UK Names

If you are a third party wishing to contact the owner of a domain name on our Nominet Tag for any reason, such as making offers to purchase, or for rights enforcemenat), please note that due to the requirements of the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Lawand our own privacy policy we are normally not in a position to be able to disclose additional information about the registrant if it is not published on the Nominet WHOIS service EXCEPT under the usual exemptions under the Law (such as for the prevention and detection of crime and the protection of the rights (including intellectual property rights) of others. Law-enforcement personnel should contact us directly.

For routine enquiries we recommend sending a postal letter to the Registrant at the address shown in the WHOIS.

If the registrant is a private individual who has opted out of Nominet's WHOIS you may email us or write to us, and we will be pleased to forward your inquiry.