Domain Management Services

This site is operated by Island Networks (Registrar) Limited

Island Networks (Registrar) is the legacy registrar for the Channel Islands domain names. If you are looking for information on .GG or .JE domain names, please visit|CHANNELISLES.NET].

This site contains information about .UK names,

The information on this site is principally to assist existing customers. 
If you are not an existing customer, please see our main CHANNELISLES.NET site.)

Island Networks (Registrar) Ltd (using the trading style of "Alderney Domains") is a Nominet Registrar.

If you wish contact us about .uk domains that are registered on the ALDERNEY Nominet tag please email us or contact us by telephone or post. (See the Contact Us section on our main site).

Emails are read on receipt, seven days a week, and we aim to deal with all enquiries within 24 hours, though in the case of less routine matters, we hope you understand if we take slightly longer.

You can confirm whether a domain name is on our tag by visiting the Nominet WHOIS page .

It will normally also give you the name and address of the Registrant/Domain Owner, unless the registrant is a private individual who has opted-out with Nominet, and the name and contact URL for our Reseller (if there is one).